RCMP Report: Vandals wreck ski trails

On Friday, Oct. 12, the RCMP received complaints of gunshots during the middle of the night near the area of the ski trails

On Friday, Oct. 12, the RCMP started to receive a number of complaints of gunshots during the middle of the night near the area of the ski trails close to Barber Road.

An officer made a patrol up Road 9 and located a pickup truck coming down the road. Eventually, the vehicle stopped in a driveway close by and the occupants identified.

The driver said they had been getting firewood and felt the need to do some skeet shooting in the middle of the night.

The next day it was learned that the ski trails had been driven on by what appeared to be pickup truck with wide tires.

Although it is likely that the same driver committed the two incidents, police aski anyone with information to step forward. Many residents work hard to maintain those trails while it appears that a few show nothing but disrespect by having fun at the expense of that hard work.

Missed the driveway

On Oct. 13, the police were called to Avola after a vehicle had driven over a retaining wall at the gas station.

When police arrived, the driver was nowhere to be found and it looked like the person had missed the driveway and instead drove onto the grass. It was learned that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He turned himself in the next day to deal with the warrant. He was also issued a ticket – for starters – the insurance company will also be looking to speak with him.

In B.C., police can issue a violation ticket to a person as the owner of a vehicle even if he or she was not a driver. In a case like this, even if the driver leaves the scene after a collision, the owner is still responsible for the use of his or her vehicle.

Copper theft

On Oct. 17, it was reported to police that somebody had broken into the Kinder Morgan site at Finn Creek and stole some copper wiring.

The incident is still under investigation and police are looking for the public’s help. If anyone has information about the theft, please let police know by contacting Crimestoppers or Clearwater RCMP.

Chainsaw theft

Sometime during the evening of Oct. 18 a person broke into an ArborCare Tree Service vehicle parked in Vavenby and stole a number of chainsaws.

There is some indication that the person who committed the theft is local to the area and police urge potential buyers to check first before paying for a stolen chainsaw. Regardless if you bought the saw or not, possession of stolen property is a chargeable offence.

If anyone saw a vehicle parked near the trucks along Allingham Way in Vavenby during the night of Oct. 18, your help would be appreciated.

Further, if a person selling a chainsaw has approached anyone, consider where it came from.