RCMP Report: Unauthorized access to airport

Clearwater police have received information of people of cutting through the Blue River airport runway

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Clearwater police received information from a concerned citizen in Blue River of people of cutting through the airport runway, ignoring the authorized personnel only signs.

The person reporting was concerned as the runway is used by numerous private people in small planes and if a plane was on final approach and someone was on the runway, it could become very dangerous for the person on the ground and/or the plane and its occupants.

There are also regulations in place which could result in fines for persons caught on the runway.


Passes on double solid

On Monday, June 29, a motorcyclist was driving travelling northbound on Highway 5 near Avola and decided to attempt to pass other vehicles on a double solid line.

The motorcyclist was forced to swerve back into the northbound lanes between a semi-truck and a vehicle it had just passed. In doing so, the motorcycle clipped the back of the semi-truck and its driver lost control.

Thankfully the driver received relatively minor injuries. The driver was issued a violation ticket.


Impaired driving

On June 30, police received a report of a person driving over things in his yard who had almost struck people and who was impaired while driving. The driver then put the vehicle in the ditch while attempting to leave.

The driver was issued a driving prohibition and also faces criminal charges related to driving. The vehicle was impounded.


Semi driver faces charges

In the early hours of July 3, police stopped a semi-truck/trailer as it was just coming into Clearwater after receiving multiple complaints of the driver possibly being impaired.

The driver now faces drug charges, motor vehicle sanctions and tickets. The truck and trailer were towed to a local impound lot.