RCMP REPORT: Two in one night

Clearwater RCMP is investigating the theft of a snow blower as well as a motor vehicle theft

Clearwater RCMP is currently investigating the theft of a snow blower from the Clearwater Eco-Depot, as well as a motor vehicle theft from one of Clearwater’s hotels.

Both incidents happened on the same night, hours apart.

Police believe they have identified the suspect who committed both offences. Investigation is currently being done to gather more incriminating evidence.

If anyone has any other information, feel free to contact the detachment.

Dopy drivers

While conducting a routine traffic stop for speeding, a Clearwater RCMP Traffic member noticed the odor of vegetative marijuana.

Upon arresting the two Albertan occupants for possession under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, marijuana was in fact found.

RCMP traffic members seize large amounts of drugs on the highway every day. Most of these seizures are results of routine traffic stops for speeding, broken lights, etc.

So remember, when you see an officer out on the highway stopping speeders, he’s also getting drugs off the road that could have ended up in your community.

Congratulations Grads.

Clearwater RCMP and Clearwater Traffic Services would like to congratulate this year’s graduating class.

RCMP will be getting in on the fun festivities by bringing in an abundance of members from out of town to patrol the area and watch for drinking and driving.


Please be responsible and good luck with your future endeavours.