RCMP Report: Trucker drags sign

RCMP Report: Trucker drags sign

Tractor-trailer driver goes over highway meridian at Vavenby, drags sign to Little Fort

Spring has sprung

It seems spring has maybe, finally arrived. With the sunny days and positive temperatures during the day the snow has been steadily melting, and causing people, seemingly, to want to drive faster.

There tends to be two problems with this: one, as soon as the sun goes down all that melted snow draining on or across the roads, turns to ice and can become very dangerous; and two, speeding is still speeding, please drive safely and get where you’re going.

Impaired driving

Impaired drivers still seem surprised when police take their vehicle and won`t allow them to drive anymore.

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To make things very clear, if someone is found to be drinking and driving, police do not care if you are, “Only going one block,” or if you haven’t hurt anybody.

If someone is drinking and driving, they will receive an immediate roadside suspension, or in some cases, may face criminal charges for impaired driving.

All this to say, don’t drink and drive, and don’t let your friends drink and drive.

Trucker drags sign

Recently a driver of a tractor-trailer found out the hard way about the legal consequences of driving while impaired after drawing some attention from police by driving over the centre meridian on Highway 5 at Vavenby. The driver then proceeded to drag a highway sign underneath the vehicle all the way to Little Fort, where officers were able to stop the vehicle.

Check your house number

Recently officers have had a few instances of difficulty in locating a caller’s residence due to a lack of house numbers present, or visible from the roadway.

This isn’t a new problem, but can cause a delay in emergency services (police, fire, or ambulance) being able to locate your residence in the event there was some sort of emergency.

It is highly preferable for homeowners to put house numbers prominently on their house if visible from the road, or near the road if you have a longer driveway.

Hopefully it is never needed, but in the case it is, you’ll likely want whichever service you require to get to your house as quickly as possible.


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