RCMP Report: Thieves target pickups and snowmobiles

Highway 5, from Kamloops through to north of Valemount, has seen an increase in thefts of fullsize pickup trucks and snowmobiles

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Highway 5, from Kamloops through to the Highway 16 interchange north of Valemount, has seen an increase in thefts of full-size pickup trucks and snowmobiles, either on trailers or in the back of trucks.

Police are actively investigating these occurrences and ask everyone to take caution where and how they are parking and storing their vehicles and snowmobiles.

If at all possible, when storing snowmobiles on a trailer use a hitch lock on the trailer and keep the trailer in a position that is not easily accessible by thieves.

If your trailer is attached to your truck, remember to lock both the receiver and the hitch.

Lastly, if you see anything suspicious, usually during the late hours of the night, early hours of the morning, please call and report it.

Spring weather

The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year and the roads are bare most days now.

Remember that the temperatures are still hovering around freezing and that any amount of rain has the potential to turn that bare, clear road into a skating rink very quickly.

Unfortunately several people have already found out the hard way. Don’t let yourself be the next.

As a reminder, winter tires are still a requirement on the highway for a while longer, so don’t get too excited for spring and start changing your tires over just yet.

Assault in Blackpool

On Friday, Feb. 12, Clearwater police were called to an address in the Blackpool area where it was found a male at the residence had been assaulted by another male who had since fled.

The suspect was located, arrested, and now faces a number of charges in relation to the incident.