RCMP Report: Theft of plants

A local vender in Clearwater had a number of vegetable plants taken from his residence

Theft of plants

A local vender in Clearwater had a number of vegetable plants taken from his residence.

He works hard at growing the plants and providing Clearwater residents with something they would otherwise have to travel to Kamloops for.

In this particular case, a number of pepper, cucumber and cobra tomato plants were taken.

If anyone has information on who may have taken the plants, it would be very helpful in returning the plants to their rightful owner.  Please contact the local police detachment or Crimestoppers.

Increased break-ins

Since the start of summer, Clearwater has seen a number of break-ins to local businesses. In most cases, it appears to be thoughtless vandalism and an overall disrespect for the community.

Dutch Lake Park also has seen an increase in vandalism to the bathroom areas and the picnic areas.

If anyone has information that would be helpful for police to know, please pass it along. There is a shared responsibility in safeguarding our community and police ask that people remain vigilant through the summer months with an increase number of people coming through town. In particular, the nicer weather brings an increase in pedestrian traffic along the highway. Residents are reminded to keep valuables locked up. This includes their vehicles and houses.

Tweaked drinking and driving laws

On June 15, an updated version of British Columbia’s drinking and driving laws came into effect. For the most part, the laws are unchanged.

Keep in mind that refusing to provide a breath sample carries with it the same consequences as a fail reading.

On June16, police conducted a road check and stopped a vehicle. The driver explained that the smell was the result of spilled beer. Officers found signs that the person had in fact been drinking.

The person was given four opportunities to provide a suitable sample of breath but did not. The vehicle was impounded for 30 days and the person is prohibited from driving for 90 days.