RCMP Report: The Clearwater connection

The suspect was a frequent but a part-time resident of Clearwater

A Clearwater connection to a string of robberies

In June, Clearwater Detachment became aware of a suspect involved in a number of robberies in Surrey.

Through investigation, it was learned that the suspect was a frequent but a part-time resident of Clearwater. Members at the Clearwater Detachment began to assist the Surrey Robbery Unit by collecting evidence and conducting surveillance. The case began to strengthen based on indisputable DNA evidence that linked the suspect to the offences.

On Dec. 12, the suspect was arrested and will appear before a judge to answer to the alleged crimes. This file is still ongoing.

A case of ID theft

On Dec. 9, when a female was arrested by the Saskatoon Police Department, she presented a driver’s license and a credit card bearing the name of a Clearwater resident.

It was learned that she was able to purchase a hotel room and open a Telus account under another person’s name. The female now faces fraud related charges.

The incident serves as a reminder of the very real threat of identity theft.

In this case, it is not yet known how the theft occurred. If a person thinks about it, there are countless ways that one could steal another person’s information – carelessness on social media (including Facebook), discarded junk mail, unopened mail, stolen mail or identification.

If you start to receive mail, in particular bills for items you’ve never purchased or if you find yourself in debt because of an account you never opened, you could be a victim of identity theft and the response becomes one of prevention.

Companies such as Equifax Personal Solutions can assist with flagging the name of a victim as an alert for credit checks. Another valuable resource is the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center which can be found online and offers the latest scams, statistics and bulletins in an effort to combat identity theft.

A seizure of odd looking mushrooms

On Dec. 13, members of Clearwater Detachment were alerted to a vehicle travelling north from Barriere and that the occupants were transporting drugs.

Traffic units located the vehicle and pulled it over. A subsequent search of the vehicle yielded 580 grams of mushrooms – believed to be psilocybin or, more commonly, “magic mushrooms.”

An estimate puts the street value of the seizure to be close to $6,000.

The driver and lone occupant was issued a ticket for a number of traffic violations, and released to appear in court in February.

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