RCMP Report: Teamwork finds missing kayakers

Police first learned of the two missing kayakers after kayaker #1 called to report that he was stranded on an island

Clearwater RCMP are saying thanks to Interior Whitewater Rafting, Wells Gray Search and Rescue, as well as the local owner of a motorboat following the successful search for two kayakers on the Clearwater River recently.

Police first learned of the two missing kayakers after kayaker #1 called to report that he was stranded on an island after capsizing. He was somewhere up on the Clearwater River and could not get across the river to the safety of the roadway.

Kayaker #2, who was in a yellow kayak, had been unable to assist due to the strength of the river, and had continued down the river and was out of sight.

Wells Gray Search and Rescue (SAR) and RCMP Air 4 helicopter were called to assist.

Kayaker #1 was located and SAR requested assistance from Interior Whitewater Rafting (IWE).

Air 4 observed a yellow kayak being towed by a local resident in a motorboat on the North Thompson River near Blackpool. Air 4 landed and picked up kayaker #2.

It was learned that kayaker #2 had lost his yellow kayak, swam down the river about a mile before being able to get to land.

IWE rescued Kayaker #1, who was stranded on the island.

Neither kayaker required medical attention after being brought to safety.

Police commended IWE and Wells Gray SAR for the helpfulness and professionalism that helped bring the two kayakers home safely.


Traffic Services issues three-day prohibition

Police pulled over a Clearwater area resident after a weekend ball tournament and noticed signs of impairment. A roadside screening test produced a “WARN” result.

The driver was issued a three-day immediate roadside prohibition, with loss of vehicle and license for three days.

Driver also was issued a violation ticket for driving contrary to restrictions. Total cost from the driver to ICBC are estimated at $700.


Vehicles impounded for speed

Clearwater RCMP recently impounded four vehicles for seven days.

The first vehicle was travelling 150 km/hr, the second vehicle was travelling 160 km/hr and the third vehicle was travelling 157 km/hr, all in 100 km/hr speed zones.

The fourth vehicle impounded was travelling 112 km/hr in a 60 km/hr speed zone.

The vehicles were all towed and the drivers were issued violation tickets.

Costs to each of the drivers for travelling 40 km/hr or more over the posted speed limit will total more than $1,000.


Speeding results in trafficking charges

Police were northbound on Highway 5 near Blue River when they stopped a southbound vehicle that was travelling at 120 km/h in a posted 100 km/h zone.

After stopping the vehicle, police obtained a smell of green marihuana in vehicle.

The driver was arrested and a search of the vehicle located 15 pounds of marijuana and a large amount of cash

All the items were seized. The driver was charged with trafficking and later was released on a promise to appear with an upcoming court.

The driver also received a 24-hour roadside driving prohibition.


Theft of golf clubs

A set of golf clubs was recently stolen from Lacarya Golf Club.

The set is described in a Great Divide bag with mainly Callaway clubs: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a lob wedge, a driver, a putter and 3, 5, 7, 11 Callaway woods.

The clubs are said to have heavy arthritic grips on them.

Contact Clearwater RCMP or Lacarya Golf Club if you have any information about this theft.


Theft of ATV

Police received a theft report of a red 2012 TRX420FM Honda ATV with black custom-made racks on the front and back.

The ATV is a work vehicle for a company working in the area. It was stolen from near Mackenzie Forest Service Road.

Contact Clearwater RCMP if you have any information about the theft.


Break and enter to business

Police received an alarm with multiple hits at the Yellowhead Mines facility on KP Road in Vavenby.

Police attended and spoke with the property representative.

It appeared the suspect(s) pulled a board off the lower level wall outside the building, smashed out one of the windows, and then entered into the building.

The upper level front entrance door was pried open from the outside as there was a broken hammer lying on the ground.

The suspect(s) pulled off two alarm keypads off of the walls.

Fingerprints were obtained at the scene and were sent to Forensic Identification Section (FIS) for identification.

Contact Clearwater RCMP if you have any further information about the break and enter.


Sleep deprived

Police received a report of possible impaired driver on Highway 5.

The vehicle was being driven all over the road, almost causing head-on collisions near Avola.

Police located the suspect vehicle and found that the driver was an elderly lone female from Nova Scotia who was sleep-deprived.

The female was directed to a local rest stop and ordered to get some sleep before proceeding.