RCMP REPORT: Stolen/abandoned motor vehicles

Police remind vehicle owners not to leave their keys in their vehicles

Clearwater RCMP responded to a report of a vehicle that had been stolen from a fenced yard on Stegg Road.

Later that morning the vehicle was located abandoned near Capostinsky Ball Park with minimal damage.

A stolen CN truck was recovered at the Argo Pit on Clearwater Valley Road. The vehicle was returned to Kamloops.

RCMP remind vehicle owners not to leave their keys in their vehicles, to keep their vehicles locked and to remove any valuables from the vehicle to deter thieves.

Dog complaints

Clearwater RCMP have responded to numerous dog complaints this summer.

The RCMP would like to advise all dog owners of their responsibility to keep their dogs in their yards and not running freely around town or on the streets where they live. Dog owners are civilly responsible for the actions of their pets.

Keep your dogs in a fenced area, in a dog kennel, on a lead or on a leash when out in public.

Impaired driver

Clearwater RCMP issued a local resident a 90-day immediate roadside driving prohibition and a 30-day vehicle impound.

The driver had been observed as being intoxicated earlier in the night and then was found operating a motor vehicle a short time later.

Vehicle vs. Hydro pole

Clearwater RCMP were advised of a single vehicle collision on Clearwater Valley Road.

A truck driver attempted to use a local pull-through driveway to turn around after realizing he had made a wrong turn.

During this turn around, due to the size of his tractor/trailer unit, the trailer scraped a rock fence around the residence, as well as sideswiped a Hydro pole.


There was minimal damage and no injuries reported.