RCMP Report: Speeding leads to tow and major repairs

The officer noted several modifications to the suspension and steering that caused him concern

On Wednesday, Oct 19, a member of Clearwater Traffic Services stopped a vehicle for traveling well above the posted speed limit.

While dealing with the driver the officer noted several modifications to the suspension and steering that caused him concern. He directed the driver to a vehicle safety inspector working in the area. An inspection was done and numerous mechanical defects were found, some so bad that the vehicle was not allowed to proceed.

The vehicle was towed to a designated inspection facility to have the repairs completed and inspected before being allowed back on the road.

Fraudsters continue to target Clearwater

Fraudsters continue to target residents in Clearwater, whether it be over the phone or face-to-face.

RCMP remind people to be vigilant and to be careful before spending their money. Residents have been receiving more phone calls from what appear as legitimate companies stating they have identified problems with a home computer. The person then wishes to install a computer program onto a home computer. By allowing this, there is potential for a third party to access the information on that computer without the owner’s knowledge.

For starters, it is good practice to keep passwords, account numbers, logins, etc. in a safe place, other than at a computer.

If, for whatever reason, you have given money or cheque but then reconsidered, there are protective measures that you can take. The first step would be to stop the money flow! Contact your bank and explain the situation. Often they are more than willing to help.

Fraud makes victims of everyone and often the fraudster cannot be caught, but the fraud can still be stopped.

Slip slidin’ away

Last week the Clearwater RCMP reminded everyone that it was time to trade in his or her slick summer tires for some high traction winter tires. Not only did we remind everyone of this because it’s the law (as of Oct. 1) but also because we care about your safety. Believe it or not, just because the road from your house to the Safety Mart is ice free, doesn’t mean ALL the roads are ice-free.

Oct. 16 marked the beginning of a season that Clearwater RCMP prepare for all summer – the “winter condition collision” season (WCC for short).

Recently two vehicles on Highway 24 hit a patch of ice turning a corner near the summit and slid completely off the road and into the face of the large mountain. Both vehicles were destroyed beyond repair. The drivers, however, only suffered minor injuries.

Let this be a caution to our readers that icy roads are back. Last year between Oct. 16 and Feb. 16 police responded to 88 reported motor vehicle collisions.

Let’s all do our part to reduce that number this year by driving at a reasonable speed relative to the conditions of the road and having adequate tires on our vehicles.

Defacing and destroying election signs

Clearwater RCMP would like to extend a friendly reminder that it is an offence to deface or destroy candidate election signs. Regardless of motivations behind destroying any signs or property, Criminal Code charges of mischief for willful damage are applicable.