RCMP Report: Speed once again yields drug bust

Once again an Alberta man learned the hard way that you don’t speed through Clearwater, especially if you want to keep your stash of pot

Once again an Alberta man learned the hard way that you don’t speed through Clearwater, especially if you want to keep your stash of pot.  On Thursday, Aug. 25, a 23-year-old Edmonton man came through the area at 128 kilometers per hour in a 100 zone, catching the attention of an alert member of Clearwater Traffic Services.

After being stopped for the infraction, the fresh smell of pot was detected coming from the vehicle. The man was arrested and a vehicle search yielded a small quantity of marijuana.  He was issued a $196 fine for speeding and sent on his way, without his pot of course.

Possible impaired drivers

At 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 26 a concerned citizen reported that he was following an impaired driver. He gave a full description of the vehicle, including a license number. A Clearwater member stopped the vehicle and administered sobriety tests on the driver. It turned out that the Clearwater driver was only tired and was almost home. Now that he had met the officer he was wide-awake, and was able to safely continue on his way.

At 9:30 pm that same day, RCMP again received a call of a possible impaired driver. Once again the suspected drunk driver was stopped and checked. He also checked out to be okay.

Sgt Seib of the Clearwater RCMP states that the police appreciate these calls, and do their best to locate the suspected impaired drivers every time. In both these cases the drivers were able to carry on but that is not always the case. Impaired driving kills and if that can be avoided by a simple phone call, then the call is well worth it.

Be careful at highway junction

The intersection of Highway 5 and Old North Thompson Highway still seems to baffle to some drivers. Please remember that when you approach Highway 5 and stop at the stop sign on Old North Thompson Highway that you have to wait until there is no traffic going by on the main highway before you proceed. Give yourself plenty of time and room. The highway traffic is not obligated to slow down so that a car can get across the road from a side street.

Also, if you are turning left off of the Old Highway onto Highway 5 you do not have the right of way over people who are coming straight through from the other stop sign across the highway. The only way you do is if you pull out into the intersection (after it is safe to do so) and wait there for the through traffic to cross, then it is your turn. This is not a four-way stop sign and regular traffic laws apply.

Almost every day people are observed taking chances and making poor judgment calls while leaving the stop sign at this intersection. It is not worth risking one’s life to save a few seconds, or getting into a crash to prove that you had the right of way.

Clearwater artist

It seems a new artist has decided to make Clearwater his or her canvas. Clearwater has been hit several times over the last couple of months with vulgar words spread across commercial buildings (including the Post Office) in spray paint. The culprit at this time is unknown and any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Loud music

Clearwater RCMP would like to take this time to touch briefly on the laws regarding loud music in and around Clearwater. There is a false sense of security among the residents of Clearwater when it comes to playing loud music late at night. The collective thought is that, they cannot be fined for playing loud music at all hours of the night.

This is correct. The RCMP cannot hand out fines for loud music.

Unfortunately, this is actually a bad thing for music listeners, because it forces the RCMP to immediately jump to the next step, which is criminal charges.

So the next time you decide to listen to your music late at night, don’t think there won’t be consequences.

Probation problems

A Clearwater resident was recently released on probation with strict conditions, one of which stated that he had to be inside his residence between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Apparently this person didn’t take their probation order very seriously, but the RCMP did.

Clearwater members conducted two curfew checks within two nights on this person. Both times the resident was not home.

Kamloops probation was informed and this “sneaky” individual can expect some stern repercussions once he goes before a judge.

Continuing on with probation problems, another member of the community decided not to attend his last probation meeting.

Subsequently, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Clearwater members responded quickly, arresting the individual and presenting him before a Justice of the Peace.

School is in

Starting Tuesday, Sept. 6, school will be in session. Although Clearwater has very few school zones, please be alert for students waiting at the side of the road for the bus. Lots of the kids will be excited and could inadvertently jump out onto the traveled portion of the road.

Also remember passing school buses, from either direction, with its red lights flashing is an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act.

You will be fined, but more importantly, it puts the young people in our community at risk.

Crime stoppers

Anyone with information regarding any crime is invited to contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.