RCMP Report: Roadside suspension

Clearwater RCMP received a report of a possibly impaired driver on Highway 5

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On Thursday, July 30, Clearwater RCMP received a report of a possibly impaired driver on Highway 5 northbound from Blackpool headed into Clearwater.

Police were able to locate the vehicle and, upon interacting with the driver, determined the driver was, in fact, impaired by alcohol.

The driver was issued an immediate roadside driving suspension prohibiting him from driving for 90 days, and a mandatory vehicle impound for 30 days.

Disturbance at the beach

Clearwater RCMP received a few complaints from people at Dutch Lake beach of a person on the beach who was impaired and causing a disturbance by bothering people.

Police responded on both occasions and each time located the same male who had consumed alcohol. Both times police attended, this male was not causing any problems at the time.

Members confirmed there was no criminal offence and ensured the male left and was with another adult who had not been drinking.

Private property

Clearwater RCMP received a report of mischief to recently erected no-trespassing signs on private property in the Sunshine Valley area.

The signs had been put up in response to the owners’ frustration with some people in the community using the property for logging, walking, or shortcuts by driving through it.

Clearwater RCMP want to remind any persons who may feel upset about the owners’ decision to post no-trespassing signs on their property that private property is just that, private.

The owners have every right to put up signs, gates, etc, and persons not obeying those signs, or worse, causing damage to the property, could face civil and/or criminal charges.