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RCMP Report: Police collect unwanted guns

On Aug. 23, a local resident turned over a significant number of unwanted firearms to police for destruction
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On Aug. 23, a local resident turned over a significant number of unwanted firearms to police for destruction.

Police are always happy to destroy unwanted firearms on your behalf. Should you have any firearms which you no longer want, and don’t want to deal with the hassle or possible liability of selling or giving them away, please contact the detachment and we can arrange to pick them up from you or have you drop them off.

Please note that if you are going to bring firearms to the detachment, leave them in your vehicle while you walk in and let one of the officers go with you to your car to collect the guns and bring them inside.

Any firearms turned over to police will be destroyed, unless the Canadian firearms program appropriates the gun for training purposes (due to unique characteristics or the like) or for display in a museum.

Beware of scam calls

Police are still receiving reports from local residents about phone call scams.

Most recently the majority have been focusing on taxes, but there are many other known scam techniques and new ones are created all the time.

If you ever receive a phone call or email from any address that asks you for information, personal or financial, you should immediately be wary. Never provide information or send money right away.

Make sure they’re legitimate before ever giving them anything.

The more they push you to do what they ask, the more likely they are to be trying to scam you.

If you have received a fraudulent email or phone call, you can report it by calling the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

Upper Clearwater fire guts vehicle

On Aug. 28, police received a report of a vehicle fire on Clearwater Valley Road near Corral Road, which is a few kilometers south of Helmcken Falls Lodge.

Police responded to assess the situation as the vehicle was outside the fire protection zone and forestry fire crews were not yet on the scene.

The vehicle was found to be still on fire but almost completed gutted by the time police arrived.

The vehicle was just off the road on the shoulder. Mild scorching could be seen on the plants and bushes closest to the vehicle, though the fire had not spread, likely due in part at least to the rain overnight.


The two occupants and their dogs were able to escape the fire uninjured.



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