RCMP REPORT: Phone fraud

The old statement; if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, rings very true

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Phone fraud

Clearwater RCMP received a report of a phone scam in which the caller stated local residents had won a shopping spree but required a small (in comparison to the prize) sum of money to process the winnings. The money was requested to be sent via money order to Jamaica.

Police would like to caution anyone receiving an unsolicited phone call where the person asks for personal information or money for any reason.

The old statement; if it’s too good to be true, it probably is, rings very true.

A good practice if you are wondering if they are legitimate, ask for a call-back number, the name of the organization/business. Look up their phone number for yourself and check if it matches the number they gave you, or if they have any advertisement of the prize you were told you won.

Found property

On January 13, Clearwater RCMP were informed of a telescope being left in front of the Yellowhead Community Services. There was no note, or information left with the telescope.

If you have any information or knowledge about how a telescope ended up abandoned in front of the Yellowhead Community Services office, please call.

Drugs seized at school

On January 15 Clearwater RCMP were informed by staff at Clearwater Secondary School that several students had been caught attempting to conduct a drug deal.

Police attended and an amount of marijuana was seized for destruction.

Based on the details of the incident, it was determined the school and school board would be best suited to handle disciplinary actions for the incident. No criminal charges are being sought at this time.

Mischief in the night

In the early morning hours of Jan. 18 local residents heard knocking at their door, but were not expecting anyone. They didn’t answer the door, but in the morning found two bags containing an unknown substance.

The bags appeared to have been burned, as indicated by clearly noticeable char marks.

It was believed this was associated to the knocking on the door overnight and likely teenagers, though there were no witnesses.


The police remind parents and any persons feeling compelled to play such pranks that fire can be very dangerous and if it spread to the house itself, could cause significant damage, or worse.