RCMP Report: New Year domestic disputes

Clearwater RCMP arrested two males last week for assault following two separate incidents

Clearwater RCMP arrested two males last week for assault following two separate incidents involving the males’ spouses.

In both instances, police were called to the scene via a 911 phone call. Once on scene and after investigation, both males were arrested without confrontation.

The RCMP has a large section of policy dedicated to the requirements and procedures of investigating a domestic dispute. It is within our mandate to arrest the primary aggressor, male or female; sex is not used to determine this.

Both males have since been released from custody with a court date and conditions stating that they may not contact their spouse directly or indirectly.

Clearwater fugitive caught

On Jan. 20, Clearwater RCMP arrested a male with an unendorsed warrant for arrest. The male had recently breached his probation order, which resulted in the warrant for his arrest being issued.

In some cases, if the warrant is endorsed, the RCMP can arrest the person and release him or her with documents for a court date. In this case, the warrant was unendorsed, meaning that the male had to speak with a Justice of the Peace, who then made the final decision.

Luckily for this person, it was decided he would be released with a promise to appear for the next court date instead of being held until the next court date.


Impaired collision

On Jan. 19 Clearwater RCMP responded to a single vehicle rollover on the highway just north of Clearwater.

Upon arriving on scene and conducting an investigation, it was discovered that the vehicle had began to slide, was overcorrected numerous times and then rolled over into the ditch on the opposite side of the road.

Two of the three occupants were injured and needed to be taken to the Clearwater Hospital for immediate medical care.

Police now believe that the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol and other drugs at the time of the incident. Blood was taken by the hospital for medical reasons.

Warrants are currently being drafted that will allow the RCMP to seize the vials of blood, which will then be examined for intoxicating substances.