RCMP Report: Impaired driving collision

Early Monday evening, April 3, police responded to a single vehicle collision on Highway 5 north of Avola

Clearwater RCMP report that early Monday evening, April 3, police responded to a single vehicle collision on Highway 5 north of Avola.

A Manitoba-registered vehicle had gone off the road into a small creek. The vehicle was a total write-off. The two occupants were transported to hospital.

During the investigation police found the driver had been drinking. The vehicle was also found not to have valid insurance.

The investigation is ongoing and impaired charges are being prepared. If you were witness to this collision, please contact Clearwater RCMP (250-674-2237).

Abandoned vehicle

On April 5, police were notified of an abandoned car outside of Vavenby on a forest service road off of Birch Island-Lost Creek Road near Vavenby Ferry Road.

The vehicle appeared to have spent the winter there and its interior was starting to mould.

If you own this vehicle or know the owner, perhaps it can be removed prior to the Forest Service removing it and charging the owner the costs associated.

Prohibited driver

On April 6, police patrolling on Highway 5 just north of Clearwater spotted a vehicle associated with a prohibited driver heading southbound.

Police turned around to attempt to pull the vehicle over and check the driver for a valid driver’s license. The vehicle quickly turned off the highway and, with police keeping up and watching, pulled into a driveway. The driver jumped out and went into the house.

The driver was eventually identified and found to be a prohibited driver. The driver was arrested and charged with prohibited driving. The vehicle was also impounded for seven days.

Impaired passenger

On April 7, police received a report regarding a vehicle traveling north on Highway 5 from Little Fort.

A passenger in the vehicle had gotten out and urinated on the side of the road. The passenger appeared to be highly intoxicated as the passenger almost fell out of the vehicle.

The vehicle also smelled highly of liquor when the caller approached the vehicle.

Police were able to locate at stop the vehicle and found the passenger was in fact intoxicated and there were some motor vehicle infractions to be addressed.

However, thankfully, the driver was sober and with a valid license.