RCMP Report: Highway collision

The driver advised police that he started to nod off and woke himself up to see that he was in the opposite lane

Summertime patrols

Clearwater RCMP advise the community that daily and nightly patrols are being made to the public areas around Clearwater.

Police are on the lookout for people drinking, people with open liquor, as well those as causing mischief and damage.

Police will seize open liquor and make arrests to address any problems that might occur during the summertime here in Clearwater.

Male receives immediate roadside prohibition

On Tuesday, Aug. 13, a member of Clearwater RCMP was making regular patrols around Clearwater. The member observed a vehicle driving down Park Drive and watched as this vehicle drove through a stop sign without any effort to stop.

The member activated his emergency lights and stopped the vehicle on Clearwater Valley Road.

Police immediately detected the odour of liquor coming from the vehicle. The male driver advised police that he had not been consuming any liquor. Police requested the male to step out of the vehicle so an approved screening device demand could be given.

The male driver gave two separate breath samples on two different devices, with both readings coming back as Fail.

Police seized the male’s license and advised that he was prohibited from driving for 90 days. The vehicle the male was driving was not his and was allowed to be taken back to its owner.

Highway collision

On Aug. 15, Clearwater RCMP were advised of a single vehicle motor vehicle incident on Highway 5 near McMurphy Station Road. Emergency Health Services was dispatched to the scene along with police.

A grey Mazda that had been southbound on the highway went off road to the left into a ditch before stopping in a cluster of trees.

Ambulance attended and took a male driver and a female passenger to Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospitals with minor injuries.

Police investigated the scene, attended the hospital and spoke with the driver about the incident.

The driver advised that he and his wife had woken up very early in the morning, leaving Grand Prairie, Alberta, in hopes to make it back to their home on Vancouver Island.

The driver then advised police that he started to nod off and woke himself up to see that he was in the opposite lane.

The driver attempted to correct the situation, overcorrected, and ended up driving his vehicle into the northbound ditch.

Police advise the community that long trips across the provinces can be extremely tiring. These situations can be prevented with additional rest as well as breaks in between driving.