RCMP Report: Domestic violence

Clearwater RCMP members investigated a domestic dispute which resulted in the arrest of one male

Domestic violence

On Oct. 27 Clearwater RCMP members investigated a domestic dispute which resulted in the arrest of one male.

Domestic violence is a real life situation that victimizes both males and females. If you feel you are a victim of domestic violence, do not hesitate to contact the local RCMP detachment.

Halloween driver gets real scare

On Oct. 28 Clearwater RCMP stopped a local for driving erratically after leaving the Halloween party at the Wells Grey Pub.

Investigation led to the male being charged with impaired driving under the Motor Vehicle Act.

This means that he is prohibited from driving for 90 days, his vehicle is impounded for 30 days and he will end up paying over $4,000 in fines. Now THAT’S scary!

Truck crash near Messiter

On Oct 31, Clearwater RCMP responded to a single vehicle collision approximately 20 km north of Avola.

The incident involved a tractor-trailer unit that had hit slush and spiraled out of control. The truck was initially traveling north. Once hitting the slush it slid into the southbound lane, hit the security rail, then slid back into the northbound lane and crashed into the ditch.

The truck remained upright, but the trailer unit was twisted sideways, covering the southbound lane. Most of the trailer’s load flew off into the southbound lane and over the security rail into the riverbank.

As a result, the highway was closed both ways for approximately one hour and closed one-way for approximately three. The driver of the vehicle was lucky enough not to sustain any injuries and was able to walk away from the accident. However, investigators believe that had anyone been traveling in the southbound lane at the time, casualties or injuries would have been likely.

Police believe slippery roads and excessive speeds were the cause of this incident.

Property prowler

Make sure to keep your doors locked at night and outside lights on. Clearwater is generally a friendly and safe place but you can’t always be sure.

The Clearwater RCMP is currently investigation a break-and-enter into a residence. The prowler entered the residence at night through a window and started picking through the owner’s items.

Luckily, the prowler wasn’t as quiet as he thought. The owners of the house awoke and chased the male out before phoning the police.

Apparently, the thief saw something he wanted in the house, however, as police believe he may have tried to enter the house again the following night.

If anyone has any information regarding this case, please contact the Clearwater RCMP.

Halloween a real success

Clearwater RCMP would like to thank the community and all of the parents and adults for making sure everyone had a safe and happy Halloween.

Although the weather was less than kind, the night went off without any major problems.

Everyone knows that Halloween is the night of vandalism and anarchy, however; as a community, we can hold our heads high in knowing that the Clearwater residents do not conform to that idea of Halloween.


A special thanks to the members of Clearwater Fire Department for their fireworks display, and to Mike and Cindy Smith for their fantastic Haunted House. Having activities like this in the community no doubt help teens and pre-teens keep occupied on Hallows Eve.