RCMP Report: Disturbance at residence

Police respond a man yelling and pounding on a door while the residents were trying to hold it shut

Clearwater RCMP report that on Sunday, Feb. 3, an officer attended a residence in Clearwater in response to a report of a man yelling and pounding on a door while the residents were trying to hold it shut.

When the officer arrived, he located a male who made comments that caused the officer to suspect the person was suffering from a mental disorder.

The man was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and taken to the hospital to be assessed by a doctor. The man was then transported to Kamloops for further treatment.

Cash seizure

On Feb. 5, a member of the Central Interior Traffic Services section was helping with a road check in Clearwater. The officer stopped a vehicle and started to investigate the likelihood of drugs being in the vehicle.


The occupants of the vehicle were detained and the officer put his drug sniffing dog to work. A small amount of marijuana was seized along with close to $54,000 cash and a large amount of steroids. The vehicle was seized as offence-related property.