RCMP Report: Control your dogs

If you or your dog is attacked by another while on a walk, please consider taking your issue to civil court

Every year as the weather warms up, pets start to wander, specifically dogs. Police ask residents to control their animals out of respect for their neighbors.

As with anything, there are some people who take advantage of a lack of district bylaws and let their dogs roam freely. This becomes problematic for police enforcement as well as community members who enjoy a good walk every now and again.

Without adequate bylaws, the RCMP is left to enforce what is called the Community Charter as it relates to dangerous dogs, which is often a difficult task. Don’t lose hope. There are precedents in case law to support a person’s decision to go to civil court.

If you or your dog is attacked by another while on a walk, please consider reporting the issue to the District of Clearwater first and then consider taking your issue to civil court. It is often the case that you are not alone and there are other people who have been charged or attacked by the same animal. There is strength in numbers.

A report to the police will establish a history. However, depending on the circumstances and the seriousness of the attack, it often stops there. If there is a need for compensation due to vet bills or otherwise, perhaps a person should be compelled to answer to a judge.

Outcomes for grow operations

During the last couple of weeks the courts have sentenced a number of people who had been arrested in relation to marijuana grow ops in Clearwater.

In one case a man was sentenced to six months in jail. In a second case where a younger couple was arrested, the female received a conditional sentence order where the first nine months will be house arrest.

In both cases, the people found tending the grows were not local to Clearwater and had been asked or hired to watch and take care of the operations. This is often how criminal organizations operate. They look for people down on their luck and ask them to be gardeners. In the end, they turn out to be the “fall guy” while the boss gets off untouched.


Growing or selling drugs is always about one thing. Money. Regardless of opinions about marijuana, criminals who grow or sell drugs get their tax-free money while the average person works hard for every penny earned. In both of the above cases, the investigations were initiated after police received tips from concerns people in the community.