RCMP Report: Caution in the backcountry

Thankfully, the snowmobiler had a SPOT tracking device that, when activated, provided his GPS coordinates

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Clearwater RCMP were recently notified of an injured snowmobiler in the backcountry some 30+ kilometers from the Finn Creek access point.

Thankfully, the snowmobiler had a SPOT tracking device that, when activated, provided his GPS coordinates back to a monitoring company, which then contacted the appropriate agencies, in this case, BC Ambulance and Search and Rescue, who were able to fairly easily rescue/retrieve the injured person.

Police remind anyone venturing off the beaten trail to take some basic precautions to ensure his or her safety.

A SPOT or similar product can be life-saving, providing real-time location information to rescuers.

An avalanche beacon and probe/shovel are essential items in any area where an avalanche could be a possibility.

Lastly, police suggest never going into the backcountry alone, and never go without letting someone know where you are going.

Beware of black ice

On Tuesday, Jan. 12, a southbound SUV on Highway 5 went off the road and down an embankment. The driver and sole occupant was not injured but the vehicle sustained significant damage.

The driver told police the roads had appeared good and traction had not been a problem. However, coming around a corner just before the crash site, the vehicle lost traction completely and the driver was unable to correct the vehicle’s slide off the road and over the bank.

As the temperatures have warmed up during the day and are still freezing at night, the roads are likely to be extremely slippery during the evenings and overnight – and still have the potential for ice during the day.

Turn on your lights

Clearwater RCMP detachment has received complaints recently regarding drivers not turning on their lights in low-light settings.

Police remind all drivers that, when driving with daytime running lights, the vehicle does not have any lights on the back.

During this time of year, when it is grey and often foggy and/or snowing, it can be very difficult to see a vehicle from behind if the lights are not turned on.

Bottom line, even during the day, there is no harm in turning on your lights, especially if the weather or road conditions are poor.