RCMP Report: Breach of conditions

Clearwater RCMP arrested a local male for breaching his release conditions while wearing an ankle monitor

Clearwater RCMP arrested a local male for breaching his release conditions while wearing an ankle monitoring device.


The local male is in custody and is scheduled to attend court in Clearwater.


Driving while prohibited


Clearwater RCMP pulled over a vehicle for a motor vehicle infraction. The driver was prohibited and suspended from driving at the time.


The driver was charged under two sections of the Motor Vehicle Act and will have to attend court in Clearwater.


The vehicle was not insured and the driver was issued a violation ticket for $596 for no insurance. The vehicle was impounded for seven days.


Police also located a small amount of marijuana, which was seized along with drug paraphernalia. No charges were forwarded from the drug seizure.


Also, the passenger of the vehicle had an arrest warrant for failing to attend court for a driving while suspended charge. The passenger was arrested, spent the night in cells and was transferred by the BC Sheriff Service to Kamloops court to face a judge for the outstanding warrant.


Two-vehicle collision


Clearwater RCMP were advised of a two-vehicle collision at the parking lot by Interior Savings Credit Union. No injuries were reported.


Police went to the scene and issued a violation ticket to a local male for failing to yield the right-of-way.


Domestic assault


A local female contacted the Clearwater RCMP to report an assault by her common-law spouse. The male was reported to be intoxicated when he assaulted her.


Police attended and, after gathering all information from both parties, arrested the female as the primary aggressor who started/provoked the altercation.


Police recommended charges to Crown Counsel, who reviewed the file. Due to the male refusing to provide a recorded statement of events against his spouse, the charges were dropped.


Impaired driver in collision


Clearwater RCMP investigating a collision at the local Dairy Queen learned that the female driver who caused the collision had been impaired by alcohol.


Police issued the female a 90-day immediate roadside prohibition and impounded the vehicle for 30 days.


Estimated total cost to get her driver’s license and vehicle back is $4,000, which does not include collision costs and liability for any injuries that might have been sustained from the collision.