RCMP Report: BMW versus bridge

Police were advised of a BMW 320i that had crashed into the Clearwater Bridge at 10 am Friday morning

Police were advised of a BMW 320i that had crashed into the Clearwater Bridge at 10 am on Friday, Aug. 19.

The driver apparently had dozed off and sustained minor injuries. The passenger had more serious injuries and was flown to Vancouver.

The vehicle was totaled and the bridge was damaged.

The 17-year-old driver was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for driving without due care.

A small amount of marijuana was located, along with various drug paraphernalia which was seized. No charges have been forwarded at this time.

Arrested for breaching conditions

Police arrested a male residing in Avola for four counts of breaching his conditional sentence order (CSO). The male is currently in custody.

A CSO refers to the rules the offender must follow in order to remain out of prison, which is similar to when one is on parole. Offenders who breach their conditions or re-offend may complete their sentence in prison.

Uttering threats result in arrest

Police arrested a local male in Clearwater for uttering threats against a person and for breach of undertaking (for possession a knife at the time of the threat).

The male is currently in custody until the conclusion of his case.

An undertaking is promise given to a court by a person when a person is accused of violence, threats, harassment, etc. The person promises the court not to behave that way in the future.

Once an undertaking has been given, it is the same as a court order. This means if it is broken then it will be contempt of court and an application can be made for breach charges and/or committal to prison.

Disturbance at hospital

Police were requested to go to Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital in Clearwater for a patient who was causing a disturbance in the emergency ward.

The intoxicated male was arguing with staff and threatening to leave and drive home.

When police arrived the male was compliant and was able to find a good friend to take care of him for the night.

The male was advised that any future similar behavior could lead to charges and time spent in custody.

Bear spray used in fight

Police arrested a local male for an assault that took place on Pumping Station Road.

Two males got into an argument, punches were thrown and bear spray was used.

One male was arrested and released on a promise to appear in court and an undertaking with conditions.

The file is still under investigation.

Offender met on dating site

A local female met an out-of-town male on a dating site.

The male, who was using an alias, came to Clearwater to visit and stay with the female, then left a week later.

The police are now investigating a fraud file and a possible breach of condition involving a prolific offender identified from Kamloops with a long police history all over B.C.

Helicopter evacuates hiker

On Saturday August 20, a local male called police to report a search and rescue [SAR] request. He reported that he had received three texts from a SPOT device with the message, “We need help, send a vehicle to our location.”

The coordinates obtained mapped to Table Mountain in Wells Gray Park. Kamloops SAR was activated.

Police learned that the person who had activated the beacon worked for Wells Gray Adventures. Wells Gray Adventures was contacted and reported a female had injured her ankle, was air lifted off the mountain by Yellowhead Helicopters and then transported to the hospital.

SAR was stood down thanks to the quick response from the local male as well as the professionalism of Wells Gray Adventures.