RCMP Report: A wandering truck driver

Police alerted after semi found abandoned in Clearwater

On Wednesday, July 31, a Clearwater RCMP member was alerted by a security officer at a large pharmacy chain that a semi carrying their products was parked in Clearwater.

Other drivers had located the truck, which appeared to have been abandoned. The driver’s whereabouts were unknown.

Later in the evening, the driver wandered back onto the scene. He explained that he needed to clear his head so he went for a walk and got lost.

He spent the night in the forest and continued on his journey until he found a house and called a taxi. The shipment he was supposed to deliver was over a day late.

Camping in provincial parks

During the last week, the police have received a number of complaints regarding campers whose trip was disrupted by another group, either by partying all night or driving erratically through the camping area.

In these situations, provincial legislation can be enforced. However, police rely heavily on your cooperation to issue the paperwork.

Often it is only a monetary penalty, but offenders can also appear in court for provincial offences. Generally, this depends on the seriousness of the offence.

The Motor Vehicle Act applies in provincial parks, which allows tickets to be issued on the registered owner of the vehicle for a driving infraction.

For instance, this past weekend, a driver narrowly missed hitting a group of young children as they walked through the campground. Police are following up and continuing to investigate.

There are offences for noise and disturbances in campgrounds. However, police would be required to identify the people involved. For starters, a license plate from a parked vehicle is helpful for police to follow up.

There is no expectation for one person to confront another in an effort to obtain identification or a name.

Please do not hesitate to contact police about incidents in camping areas in the area. However, keep in mind that you may be required for court should the issue be disputed. A report simply for information purposes is also helpful to establish a history on a particular area or person.

Highway racers

On Friday, July 26, officers received a report of a group of four vehicles travelling at high speeds southbound from Blue River. The cars appeared to be racing through traffic.

The officer patrolled and located the vehicles travelling in a groupThey were at once stopped for speeding, but not excessively. All four drivers were issued their paperwork and allowed to carry on.

Officers continue to make every effort to keep up with the demands of summer traffic along with dealing with day to day calls for service.

During the month of July, officers made 299 traffic stops and dealt with 182 additional calls for service.