Police Report: Unlicenced driver rear-ends other vehicle

On Wednesday, May 25, an unlicenced driver drove his vehicle into the back of another vehicle that was legally stopped at a stop sign on Swanson Road

On Wednesday, May 25, an unlicenced driver drove his vehicle into the back of another vehicle that was legally stopped at a stop sign on Swanson Road. He exchanged personal information and left. It was later ascertained that he was an unlicenced driver.

Police later tracked him down, issued him a violation ticket for no driver’s licence, then impounded his vehicle under the Vehicle Impound Program.

Some people think that they are getting away with something by driving without a licence or auto insurance. They may be, until something like this occurs. There is a very good chance that his insurance will be null and void as he is unlicenced. That means that he will be on the hook to pay for all damages, as well as responsible for any costs associated with injures sustained in a crash.

In this case there were none, but if there are major injuries, the bill can run into the thousands if not more. After reviewing how this crash occurred, it makes one think that there may be a pretty good reason why this local man was unlicenced in the first place.

Saskatchewan man caught driving while impaired

On May 27 RCMP received a report that a man had been accidently abandoned at a Clearwater gas station after his ride left without him.

A group of vehicles that were traveling together from Saskatchewan to the Lower Mainland had stopped at a local gas station. An occupant from one of the vehicles went to the washroom. When he came out he discovered that his ride had left without him.

Police were called and were in the process of trying to track down his ride when a series of calls were received reporting a possibly impaired driver. Police intercepted the suspect vehicle and confirmed that the driver was indeed impaired. He was detained for the impaired investigation, and was later handed a 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

When questioned as to what the driver was doing in the area, the driver joked and stated that he had accidently left a passenger behind when the group had stopped at a Clearwater gas station.

The joking did not last long when the crew found out that they would be without transportation for the next 30 days. The impound and prohibition also come with almost $3000 worth of fines and administrative charges.

Speeder caught with dope in vehicle

It has become a bit of a tradition in our area that people load their vehicles up with pot, then come speeding though our area in an unconscious effort to be caught and held accountable for their illegal actions.

This past week was no exception. A Vernon man who was carrying a small amount of pot with him tried to make it though the 60 zone in Little Fort at 105 kilometers per hour. Once he was stopped by police an investigation lead to the arrest of the individual and a quantity of marijuana seized. When the member reported that he had found dope in the vehicle it was debated if he was referring to the marijuana.

– Submitted by Clearwater RCMP