Police Report: Missing Ford 150

On Wednesday, April 27, the owner of a black 1990 F-150 pickup reported the vehicle missing

On Wednesday, April 27, the owner of a black 1990 F-150 pickup reported the vehicle missing. It had been parked next to her trailer in Pinegrove Trailer Park on April 26. The truck has a large amount of chrome and a checkered bumper. There is no license plate. If you see this vehicle or know its whereabouts please contact police.


Easter long weekend only saw one crash. The driver in the crash said he was talking to his girlfriend on his hands-free phone when he blacked out. The truck went across the opposing lane and down into the ditch. The vehicle remained upright and sustained minimal damage. The driver received minor injuries. Police issued a violation ticket for failing to keep right.

Early on April 28 police attended a crash north of Blue River. The driver said he had been driving below the posted speed limit but the winter conditions and the fact he had removed his snow tires caused him to lose control. The vehicle hit the ditch and rolled. Police note that numerous other vehicles drove through the same conditions without any trouble.

A change of mind apparently contributed to crash at the intersection of Highway 5 and the Park road. A driver waiting to cross the highway observed a vehicle coming but noted the signal light was on. Assuming the vehicle was going to turn, he pulled out. The second driver changed his mind and proceeded straight, striking the first driver’s vehicle. Police note that the onus is on the driver waiting at a traffic control device to ensure it is safe to proceed. A turn signal light might indicate the intended direction of travel but it’s incumbent on other drivers to ensure it’s safe before proceeding.