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PODCAST: B.C.’s Kirk Krack taught free diving to AVATAR 2 actors

TODAY IN B.C.: Diver has worked all over the world training Tom Cruise, Tiger Woods, Military and more

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Kirk Krack has spent the last five and a half years working with James Cameron on Avatar 2, ‘The Way of Water’ teaching actors and crew free diving.

How does a kid from the prairies make it to the set of one of the world’s biggest movies teaching diving?

‘Yeah, It’s funny, everyone wants to know that, right? When I explain where I’m from, Saskatchewan, I always explain it to my American friends, it’s the land where you watch your dog run away for three days’.

Krack’s parents gave the 14-year-old lifeguard, scuba lessons for his birthday and the rest is history.

Having trained athletes like Tiger Woods, Military teams and actors and production people, Krack remains a strong supporter of the environment, having worked on the award-winning documentary, ‘The Cove’.

‘We were trying to shoot this documentary about the health and the state of the oceans and the pressure they’re under and what we need to mitigate disasters for it, then we found this slaughter of dolphins that was still going on’.

Krack is rejoining the Oceanic Preservation Society working on a multi-year project, four to six expeditions a year around the world which will take the next two to three years.

The diver talks to host Peter McCully about working with Tom Cruise and stunt doubling as ‘Batman’.

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