Open house to examine plans for Bear View shopping center

Rotzetter invites the community to an open house about his project in the Wells Gray Inn banquet room on Feb. 26, 3 – 8 p.m.

Artist's concept of overall plan

Artist's concept of overall plan

Clearwater business owner Ron Rotzetter has revealed some of his plans for a new shopping center proposed for next to Highway 5.

The facility would be located across the highway from and slightly west of the former greenhouse on Haywood Road.

Bear View insideRotzetter’s plans show space for one large tenant, two medium-sized tenants, and eight smaller retail spaces.

Two prospective tenants have indicated strong interest in opening businesses in Clearwater, he said.

The building would include post-and-beam construction and would have a pitched roof, which Rotzetter feels is more appropriate to this climate than a flat roof.

A concept drawing of the Bearview shopping center shows a large sculpture of a bear near the east end of the lot.

The lot itself is about 10 acres in size, said Rotzetter. It is presently zoned residential but he is working on getting that changed to commercial zoning.

This, in turn, will likely hinge on whether he is able to get highway access for the development.

Plans for the shopping center also show access for shipping and delivery from Worebey Road to the back of the facility.

As reported in last week’s Times, Rotzetter first publicly revealed his intentions for the property during a Clearwater council meeting held Feb. 5.

During that meeting, Wade Elliot, one of the owners of Safety Mart, said that they also were planning to build a shopping center, except theirs would be located at the junction of Highway 5 and Park Drive, next to where the courthouse is now.

Rotzetter invites the community to an open house about his project in the Wells Gray Inn banquet room on Feb. 26, 3 – 8 p.m.


Rotzetter’s letter to the editor appears below:


Developer invites the people of Clearwater to an open house

Editor, The Times:

A “Place of Gathering”

I have lived in Clearwater for 30 years and have had the great opportunity of raising my family here. I have also been fortunate with the opportunity to work for and with many of you, and to grow my various businesses right here in Clearwater. There is great vibe growing about Clearwater in B.C. with the proposed mine, the reopening and upgrading of Canfor, and Wells Gray World Heritage Committee (WGWHC) working to achieve World Heritage Site status for Wells Gray Provincial Park.Bear View plan

All of the optimism led me to my next project. I want to raise Clearwater’s status along the highway to the 1,200,000 people that go right by our door every year on the highway, and to provide some new opportunities for local entrepreneurs, businesses and locals who I feel travel too far to get the quality of amenities they are after. I am proposing an attraction that includes indoor and outdoor gathering places and commercial spaces that will be complimented by park and native vegetation. Please see the artist’s rendition (on page A11) – the building is very attractive.

I have been encouraged by those I have shared my vision with; the Simpcw First Nation is excited to be naming this place “Place of Gathering” in their Native language. Neighbouring property Bear View outsideowners, including Gary Arsenault who is developing a 100-plus unit seniors living project adjacent to our property, have shown me great support. Mayor Harwood and CAO Leslie Groulx have offered great advice and encouragement. Local businesses have shown great interest in the space, and local businesses have been given first priority. I think we can welcome new business as well that will complement, and we have received numerous inquiries.

In order to do this I have applied to council to amend the official community plan (OCP) land use designation from Rural Resource to Commercial. We also need the support from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to gain access to the highway. These changes would be not only for Bear View but also for other potential commercial properties in Clearwater. The mayor has indicated that reduced speed on the highway from one side of the town to the other side of town is a goal, which will have a hugely positive effect on our community. Our proposed development will help reaching this goal and instead of being a “drive through” town, this will present opportunity to invite more businesses to Clearwater and make Clearwater a town to stop and shop.

Please share my excitement and provide your comments. I invite you to an open house about the project on Feb. 26, 2013 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Wells Gray Inn – Banquet Room, Clearwater, B.C.

Ron Rotzetter, Bear View Development

Clearwater, B.C.

Bear View map