OCP hearing date changed

The hearing will be the public's last chance to give input before council gives the OCP third and final reading

District of Clearwater has changed the date for the public hearing for the municipality’s new official community plan (OCP).

The hearing will be the public’s last chance to give input before council gives the OCP third and final reading.

The hearing was to be held as part of next Tuesday’s (Jan. 22) town council meeting.

Instead, it has been put off for two weeks, until the town council meeting to be held on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

The meeting will be held at the District offices on Station Road.

An OCP is a principal policy document used to assist with planning decision-making matters. It includes:

• A statement of long-term comprehensive vision for the future.

• Broad statements of community goals and objectives.

• Broad policies to achieve goals, objectives and community vision.

• Planning, land use management and decision-making guides.


The OCP is a tool to help council and citizens manage change in a community. It reflects the values and priorities which have been articulated by council and the general public. An OCP is a “living document” that provides clear direction but is not a static document. Official Community Plans should be continually adapted to reflect communities’ trends and respond to special circumstances. They are typically reviewed every five years.