North Thompson Valley Hospice House given charitable status

Steve White telephoned each board member to tell them that he had received exciting news

Within a few short days the North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society learned that it had achieved two important goals.

On Tuesday, Mar. 20, board director Joan Purver informed the board that the goal of signing up 100 members in 2012 had already been met before the end of March. In fact it had already been exceeded. Purver told the board that so far 150 members had joined the society.

On Saturday, Mar. 24, society president Steve White telephoned each board member to tell them that he had just received an envelope in the mail from the Canada Revenue Agency that contained exciting news.

White said, “As I held up the envelope in my hand I turned to my wife, Sheena, who is also a member of the board, and said, “Whatever is in this envelope is either going to make or mar my entire day.'”

The contents of the envelope were in fact confirmation that the society’s application to Canada Revenue Agency to be considered a charitable organization had been approved.

White went on to say, “These two happenings affirm our belief that our goal of establishing and operating a hospice house in the North Thompson Valley is both supported by the community and recognized as a worthy and charitable cause.”

North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society began as a small group of interested people meeting informally to talk about the possibility of setting up a hospice house in the valley; and after meetings held over several months the group decided that it should take the next step and apply to become a registered society.

A part of this process was the group had to select its first board of six members; with the initial board members being Joan Purver of Barriere, Drake Smith and Jean Nelson of Clearwater, and Barb Denton, Sheena White, and Steve White of Little Fort.

The province officially recognized the society less than a year ago in May 2011.

North Thompson Valley Hospice House Society holds two major fundraising events each year. The next event, which takes place on April 28 and 29, is the Antiques Appraisal Weekend in which Peter Blundell, an accredited appraiser, examines items brought by members of the public. Blundell provides information about each item including its likely place of origin and its history. The two-day event is always interesting and entertaining.

The annual Bike Challenge is held in the early fall. Two teams of cyclists set off at the same time, one from Clearwater and one from Barriere, and race towards Little Fort. The team that has covered the greater distance at the moment that they meet is the winner and then owns the trophy for the following year.

– Barriere Star/Journal