Multi-billion dollar bio-revolution

In a letter sent recently to the Premier and the Leader of the Official Opposition, Bob Simpson, the Independent MLA for Cariboo North, called on the Premier to host a Leader’s Summit on the Bio-Economy to begin the process of tapping into a $200 billion market potential of innovative and higher-value uses for B.C.’s wood fiber.

In a recent study commissioned by the Forest Productions Association of Canada, FP Innovations presents a “blueprint that would see the (forest) industry lead the world in innovation and give Canada an advantage in world markets.” In addition to traditional forest products, potential bio-products include: clothing, plastics, aerospace components, tires, fuels and oils, pharmaceuticals, and bioactive paper products for the health industry.

In the letter, Simpson states, “What we need is a signal to investors, entrepreneurs and the emerging market that we are serious about taking a leadership role in the bio-products sector and that this leadership extends beyond partisan politics, which can make the investment community nervous about B.C.”

The Cariboo North MLA goes on to write that participation and support of the Leader of the Opposition in this Summit would signal to the world that we are serious about our commitment and that the province would be taking a non-partisan approach to this new venture.

In the letter to both leaders, Simpson concludes: “British Columbians would be well served if both of you would take advantage of this opportunity to work together to re-ignite the traditional engine of B.C.’s economy and spur investment, job creation and rural renewal by positioning B.C. to be the world leader in the bio-economy.”


Link to Forest Productions Association of Canada Report: