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Mountie brings smiles to seniors

The pair were so impressed with this experience that they contacted the newspaper

Barriere Star/Journal

A good deed performed by a local RCMP member was reported to the Barriere Star/Journal last week.

“We were driving from Barriere to Vavenby and stopped in Little Fort to fuel up the car,” said the senior couple, explaining the wife now does the driving due to hubby’s eyesight not being what it used to be.

“After fuelling we were back on the road again; but at Blackpool we realized their was a police car behind us with lights flashing and that he wanted us to pull over, which we did.

“A handsome smiling police officer came to the car and asked to see my wife’s drivers licence,” said the husband, “And she told the officer she wasn’t speeding officer, the car was on cruise control.

“The policeman asked us “Where you going?” which we answered, and then he said he was going to check my wife’s license and returned to his police car.”

While they waited the couple say they wondered why they had been pulled over, and what was going to happen as they were sure they had done nothing wrong.

When the policeman returned to their car he handed the wife her driver’s licence and asked, “Where did you stop last?”  To which she answered about fuelling up in Little Fort.

“Okay,” said the police officer with a smile, “I’ll put the gas cap back on your car as I leave.”

This surprised and delighted the couple who had not realized the cap had been left at the gas station.

The husband offered to put the cap back on himself, but the Mountie said, “No, it’s no problem, I’ll do it as I leave,” which he did.

The pair were so impressed with this experience that they contacted the newspaper to share “a good news story about our local police officers”.


“We just wanted to share this positive experience,” said the couple who make their home in Barriere, “One of the reasons  why we love this community!”