Local resident facing a drug investigation

The driver and only occupant stated he owed somebody some marijuana and had just dropped some off

Police pulled over a local resident for a traffic violation and noticed the smell of marijuana inside vehicle.

The driver and only occupant stated he owed somebody some marijuana and had just dropped some off.

A search of vehicle revealed drug paraphernalia that contained cocaine residue.

No charges are being forwarded at this time but the driver and his supplier are being investigated.

Vehicle impounded

Clearwater RCMP impounded a vehicle for seven days for travelling 125 km/hr in an 80 km/hr speed zone.

The vehicle was towed and the driver was issued a violation ticket.

Total costs to the driver for travelling 40 km/hr over the posted speed limit will be about $1,000.

Break and enters

Police are investigating two recent break and enters into seasonal cabins near Avola.

If you see any suspicious occurrences in your neighborhood, please contact the RCMP.

24-hour roadside prohibition

RCMP observed a vehicle speeding and with a passenger not wearing a seatbelt.

The vehicle was pulled over and the driver did not provide insurance to police and showed signs of having been drinking.

A breath sample was provided into a roadside screening device.

The driver was issued a 24-hour roadside prohibition plus a ticket for the insurance violation. The vehicle was towed and a violation ticket was given to the passenger for not wearing a seatbelt.

Theft of fuel and of vehicle

The RCMP were advised of a theft of fuel complaint from north of Vavenby.

The complainant reported that he was with a white GMC crew cab and two occupants of the vehicle. He had followed the suspects after catching them stealing fuel from his yard.

A second call came in which the suspect called the RCMP to report that he had stolen a truck from a farmer in Alberta, made it to the Vavenby area and crashed the truck while trying to refuel it.

Police arrested the suspect for theft of motor vehicle, theft of fuel and breach of recognizance, as he had numerous conditions including: remain in Alberta, curfew, and not be in a motor vehicle without the registered owner. He was already accused in Alberta of possession of stolen property.

The suspect was lodged in cells and remanded to Kamloops to go in front of a judge. Other charges being investigated include driving while prohibited Canada-wide.

Police also learned that the suspect had recently stolen a car in Alberta and had bear-sprayed a victim while trying to steal fuel from his yard. The suspect was caught on camera and remains in jail.

Theft of vehicle, plates and more

Clearwater RCMP members were notified by Valemount RCMP of a fail-to-stop.

The vehicle, a black Chrysler 200, was southbound toward Blue River.

A driving complaint also was received for the same vehicle, which was driving erratically and at high speed, pulling in and out of traffic.

Air 4 RCMP helicopter assisted with search for the vehicle. The suspect vehicle was located and eventually stopped near Avola along Highway 5. Clearwater RCMP members arrested the five occupants.

Checks of the vehicle’s VIN showed that it had been  stolen from Alberta.

The British Columbia licence plate on the vehicle had been stolen from Blue River that day.

An Alberta licence plate found in the vehicle had been stolen from Edmonton, Alberta, a couple days before.

All occupants of the vehicle were arrested for possession of stolen property over and under $5,000. The vehicle was searched and exhibits seized included drug paraphernalia, steroids vials, various break and enter tools, as well as ammunition.

All occupants were transported to the Clearwater RCMP detachment where they spent the night.

Three occupants were released on a recognizance for a later court date in Clearwater.


Two other occupants had outstanding warrants and more charges out of Alberta. They were held in custody and then transported to Kamloops to go in front of a judge while police continue to investigate.