DOC allocates more funding to TWG

Tourism Wells Gray has received a reprieve from District of Clearwater

Tourism Wells Gray has received a reprieve from District of Clearwater.

The municipality had planned to cut back funding to the tourism marketing consortium this fall.

However, TWG pointed out to the District that the hotel tax, which had been expected to begin early last summer, in fact won’t start until November.

Because few people stay in local hotels during the winter, the hotel tax really wouldn’t generate significant funds until towards the end of next summer.

That would mean an eight to 10 month gap during which TWG would have been strapped for cash.

During their Oct. 4 meeting council members voted to allocate up to $28,800 to TWG for services as currently delivered. This would amount to 60 per cent of present funding.

The District would allocate another $19,200 with several conditions attached.

These would include improved communication through bi-weekly staff meetings, improved communication with stakeholders such as Information Wells Gray (the group that operates Wells Gray Infocenter) and Clearwater and District Chamber of Commerce, and inclusion of all tourism related businesses, services and recreational activities.


“This funding does provide that bridging,” commented councilor Christy Dobi. “It clearly is not ongoing, year after year.”