District’s roads need $6 million work done

Consultant recommends that provincial government be asked to correct situation before Clearwater takes over road maintenance

The roads in District of Clearwater need about $6.1 million worth of remedial work done, according to a recent report by consultants.

The report by Strategic Infrastructure Management Inc. identified $5.5 million in pavement rehabilitation work needing to be done. It also identified $584,000 in non-routine maintenance and $69,000 in routine maintenance outstanding.

“As this work should be completed by the province’s maintenance contractor per specification through its ‘lump sum’ deliverables, funded under ‘quantified maintenance services’ by the province to preserve the District’s roads and prevent more expensive and premature capital rehabilitation or reconstruction, it would be reasonable for the District to seek assistance from the province to repair these road defects,” the consultants wrote.

District of Clearwater is to take over maintenance of the roads within its boundaries this fall.

A survey carried out in May showed that 95 per cent of the segments in the municpality have one or more defects.


The survey found 158 minor potholes in the 64 km of paved roads within the District (<.5 square meter) and 126 major potholes (> .5 square meter), for a total of 284 potholes.