District seeks grant applications for $800,000 from Towns for Tomorrow

District of Clearwater has close to $1 million in grant applications outstanding with the provincial government

District of Clearwater has close to $1 million in grant applications outstanding with the provincial government, according to director of finance Scott Coulson.

Quoting from a report from Urban Systems, Coulson said the district is seeking a $400,000 Towns for Tomorrow grant to help pay for an ultraviolet disinfection system for the Russell Creek booster station site. This would include installation of new pumps and relocating the chlorination equipment from the existing flow meter and dosing building into a proposed new building.

The district’s share of the $575,000 project would be $175,000.

Also being sought from Towns for Tomorrow is a $400,000 grant to help transform Dutch Lake School into a regional community center.

The center would accommodate:

• an adult education center to support the learning opportunities currently provided through the Community Resource Center;

• the district hall (three staff offices plus the council chambers) in order to relocate out of an aged building on the floodplain;

• offices for community uses such as the economic development offices of the regional electoral areas;

• recreational, cultural and social activities in the gymnasium and library; and

• the ICBC/Motor Vehicle office.

The district’s projected share of the $500,000 project would be just over $100,000.

Another $140,000 is being sought in gas tax money to pay for an infrastructure master plan. Such a plan would aid the district in preparing for significant investments while helping to avoid budget shortfalls and unnecessary risks. The focus would be on the district’s water and sanitary systems. If approved, the project would be 100 per cent financed by the province.

Also part of the infrastructure master plan would be $13,000 to look at the roads. Of this $10,000 would come from the province and $3,000 from local taxpayers. The strategy would assist the district in identifying a reasonable maintenance plan for the roads in the community before taking them over at the end of 2012. It would also set the framework for an appropriate strategy for long-term capital investments on the roads.

Coulson said he expected an announcement on the two Towns for Tomorrow grant applications within the next few days, although that might have been pushed back because of the provincial leadership race.

Announcements on the two infrastructure planning grant applications should come in mid to late May.