District reports salaries/expenses

Grand total for employees plus elected officials in 2014 was $1.05 million

District of Clearwater has reported its remuneration and expenses paid last year to council members, staff and suppliers.

According to the Statement of Financial Information released during the June 16 town council meeting, Mayor John Harwood’s remuneration of about $17,000 was the highest of the elected officials, although his expenses of just under $4,000 were only slightly above the average for council members.

All the other council members collected $8,900 in remuneration, with the exception of Jon Kreke, who collected $8,600 (reflecting that he did not serve after November’s election), and Dennis Greffard, who got only $340 (because he was only elected in November).

Kreke’s expense claims were the highest of the council members at close to $4,200. Merlin Blackwell had the lowest expenses of the town council members who served the full year at just over $2,000.

Total remuneration for elected officials was $70,900, plus another $24,000 in expenses.

Chief administrative officer Leslie Groulx was the top paid employee at the District of Clearwater, with $105,000 in remuneration and $7,000 in expenses.

Director of finance Sheila Thiessen came second, with $93,000 in remuneration and $4,400 in expenses.

Third spot went to recreation facilities supervisor Roger Mayer, who collected $77,000 in remuneration and $1,000 in expenses.

Jared Brounstein and Ryan Papp each served partial years in the public works superintendent’s position. They collected $47,000 and $31,000 respectively in remuneration, and $3,400 and $1,600 in expenses.

The other District employees made less than the $75,000 cutoff and so were not listed in the report.

Total remuneration paid to the employees was $980,000, plus $50,000 in expenses.

Grand total for employees plus elected officials in 2014 was $1.05 million. The year before that number was $1,100,000. In 2012 the grand total for employees plus elected officials was reported at $974,000. The year before that it was $1,064,000. In 2010 the grand total was $1,130,000.