Due to health concerns caused by COVID-19 virus, the North Thompson Sportsplex is now closed for the season. File photo

Due to health concerns caused by COVID-19 virus, the North Thompson Sportsplex is now closed for the season. File photo

COVID-19 precautions in the District of Clearwater

Local groups are taking measures to minimize risk

Given the potential health concerns regarding COVID-19, local groups and facilities are taking certain precautions to keep the public safe.

We’ve put together a list to keep local citizens up to date.

District of Clearwater

The District of Clearwater (DOC) is keeping a keen eye on COVID-19 developments and is following the provincial and regional health authorities as well as the Disease Control Centre of BC in terms of actions taken on the issue.

While DOC chief administrative officer, Leslie Groulx, emphasized there’s no need to panic, she said the district will be working diligently to keep essential services in place as things unfold in the event of an emergency.

If residents need to do business with the DOC, but are feeling unwell, there are a number of ways to go about it.

If residents are wishing to avoid public spaces like the municipal office because of COVID-19 concerns, they can contact the district by email at admin@docbc.ca or phone 250-674-2257.

Any bill payments can be made through online banking.

If a citizen wants to go to a council meeting but doesn’t want to go out in public, comments can be submitted to admin@docbc.ca up until 10 a.m. on the day of the council meeting.

Staff will read out submissions and questions, though submissions have to be relevant to an item on the current agenda.

Keep in mind, no commitments will be made by the council in replying to a submission and if it doesn’t meet public comment requirements, it won’t be presented at the meeting.

Also, the DOC has installed hand sanitizer stations at the front door and hallway of the Dutch Lake Community Centre, and put up a sign asking that people not enter the area if they’re feeling any of the virus symptoms.

You can find more information on the district’s website at www.districtofclearwater.com and the DOC Facebook page.

School District 73

According to its website, School District 73 (SD73) said it’s working closely with the Ministry of Health, the Office of the Provincial Health Officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control regarding COVID-19.

SD73 has plans in place to respond to the illness, as the province is preparing for the possibility of a pandemic. The school district has committed to keeping parents, students and the community informed about health and safety issues.

SD73 will provide regular updates on its homepage sd73.bc.ca, or download the school district’s app to receive updates as they’re posted. You can download the SD73 Mobile App through Apple or Android.

Information about COVID-19, including advice and guidance to schools, is regularly updated on the BC Centre for Disease Control site.

Clearwater Minor Hockey

Clearwater Minor Hockey released a statement on its Facebook page stating that due to COVID-19, BC Hockey has cancelled any and all hockey events, which also means this weekend’s District Championships are cancelled as well.

“It was a great season while we had it,” reads the statement. “A big congratulations goes out to all the teams and how far they went in their leagues. Peewee and midgets brought home banners for league and playoffs champions. Will be nice to see them hanging when we start up again next season!”

As a result, the North Thompsons Sportsplex is also closed for the season.

Let us know

If your company, organization or group is cancelling events or taking precautions, send us an email at newsroom@clearwatertimes.com or give our office a call at 250-674-3343 so we can help keep the public informed. We will add more information as it becomes available.


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