Council Notes

Doomsday Discover Disc Golf, Bearview submits revised TIA, Closed circuit video inspection

  • May. 27, 2015 11:00 a.m.
On April 2

On April 2

Doomsday Discover Disc Golf will be coming to Clearwater on May 31. Fifteen to 30 players are expected to attend reported councillor Dennis Greffard. “Disc Golf is becoming main stream and Kamloops will be hosting the world championships in 2018. They would like to use Clearwater Disc Golf Course as one of the courses during the championships, noted Greffard.


Closed circuit video inspection

Public works superintendent Bruce Forsyth recommended to Clearwater town council  to award a $12,000 contract to Down Under Pipe Inspection Ltd. to do a closed circuit video inspection of the District’s waste water collection system .

The District owns and operates 4284 meters of waste water collection system that was mostly installed in 1972 and consisted of mostly asbestos cement piping, reported Forsyth.

The sanitary system should see an annual flushing maintenance program which was complete this past month and to further understand the inside of the pipes an inspection needs to be done.


Bearview submits revised TIA

A revised Traffic Impact Assessment was submitted to council on behalf of Bearview development. The assessment  proposes “backage” road access to the proposed development site and a new highway intersection 1.03 kilometres east of the Park Drive roundabout and 960 metres west of Candle Creek Road.  (A backage road is one that runs behind a commercial development along a highway).

Bearview has applied to amend the OCP designation on the subject property from Country Residential to Commercial and to rezone the land from R-1 (residential single and two family) to C-1 (retail commercial ) to allow retail commercial use. The applicant proposed to develop a 50,000 sq. ft.  Shopping centre.