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Council Notes: Council to withhold TWG funding

Clearwater town council appears to support Tourism Wells Gray in principle

Clearwater town council appears to support Tourism Wells Gray in principle but want the local tourism marketing agency to tighten up its reporting practices.

During their Mar. 5 meeting, the members of council voted to withhold the 2013 funding allocation for Tourism Wells Gray, pending the delivery of a satisfactory budget report.

Applying for a second bus to Kamloops

Council approved a recommendation that it and Wells Gray Country services committee make a formal application to BC Transit to include another day of service per week to the Valley Connector bus.

The bus make a return trip every Thursday from Clearwater to Kamloops, and once a month from Blue River to the city.

Playground to be named for community forest

A recommendation that the playground at the former Dutch Lake School be named “Wells Gray Community Forest Park” was approved.

Councillors noted that the Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation had donated leveraging funds towards the renovating Dutch Lake School to be a community center.

They also noted that one requirement of the funding was that the playground be named after the community forest.

Help for park development

Yellowhead Community Services will be approached to see if participants in the Skill Link program or Job Creation Partnership program run by YCS could be utilized for District projects.

Clearwater Fire Center staff will be asked if the Initial Attach crew stationed here during the summer could be used as well.

Primary purpose would appear to be development of trails in the Bampton recreation area next to Dutch Lake beach.

Splash Park gets endorsement

Council voted to direct staff to write a letter of support to the Mayer family for the development of a concept design for the installation of a Splash Park and related maintenance costs.