Community Forest seeks feedback at public meeting

Attend the Community Forest Advisory Committee (CFAC) annual general meeting and provide your ideas and comments

Want to make a difference in your community? You will have two opportunities on Wednesday evening, June 19, by coming to the Community Forest Advisory Committee (CFAC) annual general meeting and provide your ideas and comments regarding Wells Gray Community Forest (WGCF).

CFAC is a volunteer group of eight people that encourages and foster the public’s participation in all aspects of the community forest. Our primary function is to liaise between the public and the WGCF board by seeking public input and providing this information to the board. When CFAC receives information from the community forest board we provide the public with this information in several ways. Our main opportunity to receive public input and to inform the public about the community forest as at our AGM. CFAC also attends the Clearwater Farmer’s Market during the summer to listen to ideas and gather comments regarding the CF. CFAC was involved with the initialization of the CF newsletter and continues to assist in the updating of the newsletter.

CFAC is also engaged in informing the public on community forest activities via the CF website. The community forest has just expanded the website to include a list of policies that guide the planning and operational decisions of the Corporation. These policies can be viewed at Also on the website you will find information about the community forest board, the latest financial statement and information in the annual report. Take a look and get to know your community forest.


CFAC is looking for new committee members. When you attend the AGM on June 19 consider becoming a committee member. We are always looking for energetic, interested people who want to assist in the management of the local community forest. The AGM is being held at the Resource Center on June 19 starting at 7 p.m. Come to share your ideas, listen to the update on the community forest activities and possibly become a committee member.