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Clearwater weekly police report recounts how driver loses cool after traffic stop

The driver’s vehicle was towed

By Sgt. Grant Simpson

Clearwater RCMP

Clearwater RCMP responded to 42 calls for service this past week.

On Friday, March 10 at about 4:45 p.m. Const. Klassen observed a black, 1993 Chevy, flat deck pickup truck speeding on the Old North Thompson Highway near Dutch Lake Road in Clearwater, B.C. The vehicle was going 60 km/h in a posted 50 km/h zone. The vehicle also did not have any daytime running lights on. Const. Klassen stopped the vehicle bearing B.C. licence plates. The local owner was identified as the driver by the photo of his B.C. driver’s licence. He was the only occupant.

The reason for the traffic stop was explained to the driver. Const. Klassen noted the truck appeared to be in poor condition and thus wanted to make sure that it complied with the BC Motor Vehicle Act. Const. Klassen asked the driver to apply the emergency brake, to which the driver replied “ahhh…. the cable isn’t hooked up.” Const. Klassen also observed rust on the vehicle, cracks in the windshield (in the driver’s line of sight) and the hood release didn’t work, as the driver had to dig around under the dash with pliers to activate the release. Const. Klassen formed the opinion that the vehicle didn’t meet the BC Motor Vehicle Act and thus a traffic notice to remove the vehicle from the roadway until repaired and inspected, would be issued. A local tow company towed the vehicle to the owner’s residence after the licence plates had been seized.

The owner/driver lost his temper and began yelling and swearing at Const. Klassen saying that Const. Klassen has it out for him and that he’s the only police officer that deals with him. He stated “I’ll have your job” and told Const. Klassen to go f—k himself and made the physical gesture of thrusting his hips up at Const. Klassen. Const. Klassen asked the driver to calm down and stated that he had been quite polite with him during the interaction. Const. Klassen added that he hadn’t sworn or raised his voice, yet the driver was losing his composure with him. Although there were a number of finable offences noted, a violation ticket was not served as Const. Klassen felt having the vehicle towed, repaired and inspected was going to cost the owner/driver enough.

On Saturday, March 11, at 2 a.m. Const. Klassen observed an SUV speeding southbound through Clearwater on Highway 5. Const. Klassen paced the vehicle at about 110 km/h in an 80 km/h zone. A traffic stop was conducted on Highway 5 near the B.C. Forestry building.

The vehicle was Alberta plated and, owned by a 31-year-old Edmonton woman. Const. Klassen spoke to the driver who produced an Alberta driver’s licence. The photo on the driver’s licence matched the owner/driver. No other occupants in the vehicle. She provided a strange story for the trip, saying she came from Edmonton, stopped in Valemount to see a friend and was not going to Kamloops for about a week and didn’t know what she was going to do there or who she would be seeing?! She was noted to have a history of prostitution, firearms, and possession for the purpose of trafficking. Const. Thompson of the Kamloops RCMP also had a similar traffic stop with this owner/driver a couple years prior.

She was detained roadside, however, she didn’t want to speak to a lawyer. When asked what was in the vehicle she replied that she had a taser in the trunk. She was then arrested for weapons possession. A search of the vehicle located a prohibited taser in working order as well as about $2,000 in Canadian/American cash in the purse that was on her passenger seat, two cell phones, three suitcases of clothing, lingerie and condoms.

Const. Klassen questioned the driver on the money and she said she works as a “part-time esthetician.”

After further conversation she disclosed that she was an escort. She was heading for Kamloops and hoping to set up multiple dates throughout the next week. Taser seized as evidence while the driver was released without charge.

Sgt. Grant Simpson is the detachment commander of the Clearwater RCMP Detachment.

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