Clearwater Secondary School announces award winners for 2017-2018 school year

Celebrating student achievements

Jr. Art – Kaitlyn Jeanson, Lynden Schrauwen, Taniah Toscano

Sr. Art – Haliya Arduini, Grace Porter

Most Valuable Musician – Grayson Panko

Jr. Home Economics – Juniper Wadlegger

Sr. Home Economics – Foods – Grace Porter, Morgan Thomas

Computer Skills – Aiden Cairns, Chris Dame, Ryley Phillips

Wood Products Manufacturing – Keanen Bromley, Mason Wadlegger

Gr. 8 Girl Athlete – Cassidy Tucker

Gr. 8 Boy Athlete – Matthew Lavigne

Jr. Girl Athlete – Juniper Wadlegger

Jr. Boy Athlete – Jayden Kjenstad

Sr. Girl Athlete – Annika Wadlegger

Sr. Boy Athlete – Keanen Bromley

Daryl Pipev Mem. Award – Outstanding Athlete – Cedrik Menard

Jr. PE – Solamyn Barstow, Josee Cooperman

Sr. PE – John Meyer

Jr. English – Josee Cooperman

Sr. English – Emily Giesbrecht

Jr. Creative Writing – Isabelle Christensen

Sr. Creative Writing – Wyatt Dame

Jr. French – Dalton Carr

Jr. Social Studies – Josee Cooperman, Juniper Wadlegger

Sr. Social Studies – Grayson Panko, Jenny Panko

Jr. Mathematics – Isabelle Christensen, Josee Cooperman, Blake Simpson

Sr. Mathematics – Emily Giesbrecht

Jr. Science – Isabelle Christensen

Sr. Science – Emily Giesbrecht

Service Award – Montana Bardi, Keanen Bromley, Dalton Carr, Cameron Chayer, Emma Collins, Josee Cooperman, Wyatt Dame, Savannah Dee, Sunny Deugau, Hannah-Lee Elliot, Taylyne Elliot, Emily Giesbrecht, Kaitlyn Hunter, Kaitlyn Jeanson, Claire Meyer, Saaya Miyata, Grayson Panko, Jenny Panko, Parker Thomas, Annika Wadlegger, Juniper Wadlegger, Paytten Yurkiw

Principal’s Service Award – Ahmae Eakins

Award to Parent – Marie Dee

Award to a Community Member – Jean Nelson

Perfect Attendance – Dayton Flegel

Effort Award (gr. 8) – Reegan Yurkiw

Effort Award (gr. 9) – Kaitlyn Jeanson, Piet Oud

Effort Award (gr. 10) – Josee Cooperman, Juniper Wadlegger

Effort Award (gr. 11) – Tracy Allen

Effort Award (gr. 12) – Wyatt Dame

Honour Roll –

Year 1

Tracy Allen, Claire Arduini, Jaime Ball, Desirae Bond, Katelynne Christensen, Parker Collins, Seth Cooperman, Ella Elliot, Braxton Hall, Laci Hancock, Makalu Hokai, Brody Jeanson, Matthew Lavigne, Kelly Ludbrook, Hannah MacDonald, Riley Phillips, Logan Ramsay, Kristen Regier, Abubakar Sharif, Blake Simpson, Zandreya Streek, Harris Thomas, Rose Thon, Cassidy Tucker, Vienna Wadlegger, Reegan Yurkiw

Year 2

Montana Bardi, Aiden Cairns, Dalton Carr, Christopher Dame, Daphne Dodd, Bohdan Dowker, Tanner Hancock, Kaitlyn Jeanson, Claire Meyer, Saaya Miyata, Taniah Toscano, Mason Wadlegger

Year 3

Jasmine Carr, Isbelle Christensen, Emma Collins, Josee Cooperman, Wyatt Dame, Erik Giesbrecht, Ryley Griffin, Annika Wadlegger, Juniper Wadlegger

Year 4

Mitchell Chayer, Ashley Foster, Ryan Green, Cedrik Menard, Grayson Panko, Jenny Panko

Year 5

Savannah Dee, Emily Giesbrecht, Morgan Thomas

Highest Achievement (gr. 8) – Katelynne Christensen, Hannah MacDonald, Cassidy Tucker, Vienna Wadlegger

Highest Achievement (gr. 9) – Dalton Carr

Highest Achievement (gr. 10) – Josee Cooperman

Highest Achievement (gr. 11) – Grayson Panko

Highest Achievement – Practical and Fine Arts (gr. 12) – Morgan Thomas

Highest Achievement – Academic (gr. 12) – Emily Giesbrecht

Govenor General’s Award 2017 – Stacia Panko

Govenor General’s Award 2018 – Emily Giesbrecht

Most Improved – Tracy Allen

Jr. Citizenship – Dalton Carr, Josee Cooperman, Piet Oud

Sr. Citizenship – Savannah Dee

Jr. All Round – Dallas Tucker, Juniper Wadlegger

Sr. All Round / Fred Allan Memorial Bursary – Emily Giesbrecht

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