Clearwater Royal Purple and Pioneer Fresh Foods team up for giveaway contest

Clearwater Royal Purple and Pioneer Fresh Foods team up for giveaway contest

A total of 24 gift cards available for nominations

Clearwater Royal Purple #302 has teamed up with Pioneer Fresh Foods for some local giveaways.

The contest works by having Clearwater and area residents nominate a person they think could use a $25 gift card to Pioneer Fresh Foods, then the folks with Royal Purple will select winners based on a short write-up the nominators are required to provide that detail why the person they nominate could use the freebee.

“We’d like to have people nominate whoever they want with a little reason. So it might say, ‘We think that Mr. and Mrs. Smith, who are both laid off and have children, are deserving of getting this $25 gift certificate,’” said Cheryl Thomas, secretary with the Royal Purple, giving a short example of how the contest works.

“Just a short little ‘why’ then what we’ll do as a group is take all the messages, all the phone messages or emails sent to us, then we’ll send them to our membership; we’ll each vote and the people that get the most votes from the membership will be phoned and they can come to Pioneer Fresh Foods and pick up their gift certificate.”

For the first round of the contest, which runs from now until May 15, there’ll be a total of 24 gift cards available for nominations and Royal Purple said all winners will be contacted by May 20. Thomas said everyone is eligible to be nominated and if enough interest is shown in the contest, they’ll continue and try it again.

“The Royal Purple is putting forward the money that we attained from doing the Tuesday seniors lunches, which we got paid for because we did the work in the spring before the COVID-19 hit, so we had a bonus of this money, but it’s really money that belongs to the community so we thought, how can we support the community?” Thomas added.

“We’re putting $500 toward it and Pioneer is putting $100 toward it, thus making 24 $25 gift certificates.”

Those who want to nominate someone for a $25 gift card to Pioneer Fresh Foods can private message the Royal Purple through its Facebook page, email Thomas at or call 250-674-3260. Make sure to leave your contact details.

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