Clearwater council candidate: Elia Ganderski

What would I do if elected? Give my passion and energy to helping Clearwater grow in a positive manner

Elia Ganderski

Elia Ganderski

My name is Elia Ganderski, and I am running for councilor in the District of Clearwater. I have lived in Clearwater for the last 26 years. I was a registered professional forester (RPF) for 27 years. I retired from my forestry career in 2008 and the past four years I have pursued my passions of skiing and fishing. I am currently employed part-time as a fishing guide with Silent Sport Fly Fishing in Clearwater and during the winter I am a Sun Peaks ski instructor.

Why should you vote for me? Well, I have the time and energy to dedicate to this challenge. I worked for BC Forest Service for 27 years and 20 of those years were as the Resources Officer Timber in the Clearwater District. This experience taught me about government processes. A changing Clearwater the past 26 years inspires me to be a part of the future, especially seeing the positive direction our current mayor and councilors have taken. Projects such as the famous Clearwater Community Skate Board Park along with adjoining tennis and basketball courts are something this community should be proud of.

What would I do if elected? Give my passion and energy to helping Clearwater grow in a positive manner. Outdoor activities and tourism are very important to our community and me. Promoting activities for our young at heart will keep this community happy and healthy. Encouraging activities such as the Farmers Market, a Clearwater Fishing Club, a Clearwater Dutch Lake Stewardship Society, and a nature trail along Brookfield Creek are some ideas I have.

I would like to thank all the candidates for participating. I know that the team selected by the voters will be exciting to work with and I hope I get the chance. Please come out and support your nominated candidates and vote. Thank you

Elia Ganderski

Clearwater, B.C.