Clearing begins for new park and parking lot

Clearing begins for new park and parking lot

Completion of clearing for project expected in mid-November

The District of Clearwater (DOC) has begun clearing land for a new park and parking lot, which will be built on the corner of Dutch Lake Road and the Old North Thompson Highway where the Chuckwagon Restaurant and Lounge once stood.

The clearing and cleanup are being done by Black River Contracting and the DOC is working with L.A. West Associates to finish a design and costing for the approved concept.

The money used came from the park dedication reserve, which is money that’s acquired through subdivisions of three lots or more, as per the Local Government Act – legislation, whereby a developer is required to provide cash in lieu of parkland or a parcel of land for a future park.

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“In other words, the acquisition funds were not tax payer dollars,” said Leslie Groulx, chief administrative officer for the DOC, via email.

Future plans include connecting the park with a multi-use pathway to the Dutch Lake Beach, and then eventually to the Highway 5 intersection.

There will also be space for use as an overflow parking lot for both Dutch Lake Beach and Dutch Lake Community Centre.

“We have taken into account our status as a Bee City, as well as incorporating the Loggers Memorial into the park,” added Groulx.

The Loggers Memorial Groulx mentioned used to sit in Reg Small Park, but was taken down during the construction of Well 3.

Clearing for the project is expected to be done in mid-November, with completion depending on when funding accumulates.

Groulx noted the park is still in its conceptual stages and will be refined as the project moves along.

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