Campus of care committee gets terms of reference

A “campus of care” facility would encompass alternate residential options

Clearwater has Evergreen Acres, which provides low cost independent living for seniors.

And it has Forestview Place, the extended care wing at Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital, for those who need more round-the-clock attention.

However, there has long been recognition of the need for something in between.

A “campus of care” facility would encompass alternate residential options such as assisted living, semi-dependent, hospice or respite care, and/or a facility for challenged adults to support individuals aging in place and at end of life.

During its Jan. 19 meeting, Clearwater town council adopted terms of reference for a campus of care steering committee and approved the appointment of the members of the committee.

Last June the Ministry of Health announced a grant of $50,000 for the District to complete a feasibility study to identify the need for a campus of care in the North Thompson Valley.

Mayor John Harwood informally appointed a steering committee. Consultants were hired to complete the study.

The motion during the January meeting formalized the appointments and provided terms of reference for the committee.

The members of the steering committee are Berni Easson from Interior Health Authority, Pearl McAloney from Evergreen Acres Housing Society, community member at large Richard Christenson, and Clearwater councillor Ken Kjenstad, and Wells Gray Country (Area A) director Carol Schaffer. Mayor Harwood is an ex officio member of the committee (meaning he is a member because he is the mayor).