Borrow Enterprises gets road contract

Clearwater council has awarded the maintenance contract for the municipality’s roads to Borrow Enterprises

  • May. 28, 2013 1:00 p.m.

District of Clearwater council has awarded the maintenance contract for the municipality’s roads to Borrow Enterprises.

During their May 21 meeting the councillors approved a contract paying $475,000 per year for three years, starting Sept. 22, 2013.

An option for a further two years will be included in the contract.

“This has been a long process,” commented Mayor John Harwood. “I’m happy that a local contractor is getting it. That means the money will stay in town.”

The mayor pointed out that since incorporation, a total of $10 million has come into the community, including fire mitigation contracts, that otherwise likely would not.

Councillor Jon Kreke said the best part for him was that the contract came in within the budget. He had feared that it would not.

“Congratulations to staff for getting it done. It’s awesome,” said Merlin Blackwell.

Under the terms of incorporation, Clearwater agreed to take over maintenance of the roads (other than highways) within its boundaries five years after becoming a municipality.

Three companies responded to an expression of interest for the contract advertised last winter, said chief administrative officer Leslie Groulx.

Only two bid on the contract when it was advertised in the spring, however.

Both companies were evaluated first on their work plan and then on their price, she said.

Borrow Enterprises scored highest on its plan and had the best price as well.

The key components in the work plan were:

1. resource plan (staffing/equipment) – accountability, experience, qualifications and references;

2. winter maintenance strategy and accountability;

3. non-winter maintenance strategy;

4. quality assurance, control and information reporting and documentation, environmental practice and policy;

5. training and staff skills, and health and safety program;

6. ongoing communication and/or call center.

The work plan was evaluated out of a possible score of 100, plus bonus points were added for innovation and enhanced deliverables.


Borrow Enterprises also recently won the contract to construct the roundabout presently being built at the junction of Highway 5 and the road to Wells Gray Park.