Blue River — Avola representative making new home in 100 Mile

Willow MacDonald has confirmed that she and her family have at least partially moved to 100 Mile House

Willow MacDonald

Willow MacDonald

Willow MacDonald, Thompson-Nicola Regional District director for Area B (Thompson Headwaters) has confirmed that she and her family have at least partially moved to 100 Mile House and no longer live full-time in Blue River.

This is significant because, when MacDonald successfully challenged incumbent Max Lentz in 2011 to represent the Blue River-Avola area at the TNRD, the fact that Lentz lived in Kamloops and not Area B was a major factor in the election.

The issue was a factor again in the 2014 TNRD elections, when Lentz unsuccessfully challenged MacDonald to get his old job back.

“Indeed it is true that my family has relocated to 100 Mile in recent months, and while it wasn’t my ideal choice to do this move at this time, family circumstances have compelled our partial relocation,” MacDonald said.

The TNRD director explained that her husband Glen works as a paramedic for BC Ambulance and has moved his primary station to 100 Mile as the call-volumes there are higher than in Blue River (only an average one per week).

She noted that she and her husband still own and maintain a residence in Blue River.

“Personally, I am in Blue River from about two to four days a week, depending on my schedule and what is happening in Area B,” MacDonald said. “I feel that it is important to have a continued presence in this area in order to represent my constituents well; I am committed to serve Area B and my communities to the best of my ability.”

The director for Thompson Headwaters noted that there are several worthwhile projects coming up.

“We budgeted and completed $30,000 in trails work in 2016 (many thanks to the Simpcw for all of their great work on our trails, they did a wonderful job.) This year we are putting in a pedestrian bridge on the east side of the highway to connect cross country ski/hiking trails over the North Blue River, this is a public/private partnership project between Mike Wiegele Heli-skiing and the TNRD. We have also allocated another $30,000 for continued trail work in the Blue River area in 2017. Avola has some additional work on their park to complete and, as we all know, Kinder Morgan will be commencing their work in the North Thompson this spring. I am looking forward to seeing all their hard work bear fruit, to the benefit of our residents in the Valley and for the safety of all drivers on the highway,” she said.


The TNRD director said she will carefully consider her options and the needs of her communities when it gets closer to election time and she needs to decide if she will run again.