Blackpool crash injures one

Local woman transported by helicopter as a precaution following collision on Highway 5 north of Jenkins Road junction

One local woman sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries as a result of a two-vehicle collision on Highway 5 north of the Jenkins Road intersection early Wednesday afternoon.

The woman was taken by helicopter to Kamloops as a precaution, according to Sgt. Kevin Podbisky of Clearwater RCMP.

None of the other 10 occupants of the two vehicles involved suffered any obvious serious injuries.

According to Podbisky, the woman was northbound, driving to Dutch Lake beach, when she realized they had forgotten something.

She pulled over and then did a U-turn but apparently failed to see a van pulling a tent trailer behind her, also northbound.

Fortunately, the collision was at an angle. If it had been a T-bone it would have been far more serious, the sergeant said.

There were five people in the woman’s car, including the driver. There were six occupants in the van, all from the Lower Mainland.

Clearwater and District Highway Rescue, Blackpool Fire Department, and a representative from the Ministry of Transportation attended the crash scene as well.

The woman likely will be charged for driving without due care and attention, the sergeant said.